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What Benefits Make for a Complete Benefits & Compensation Package?

unnamedArticle written by by Ben Mueller @ Namely

Employees have spoken, and a paycheck alone just won’t cut it anymore. Today’s top talent demands total when it comes to total compensation, and that includes salary, a rewarding culture that celebrates success, and—you guessed it—top-of-the-line benefits.

But, with 90 percent of employees admitting to not understanding the yearly changes to their policies and 73 percent just choosing the same benefits year after year, employees feel incomplete. So what is it that they’re really looking for? We’ve compiled the infographic below to serve as a guide to help you decide which benefits to offer employees. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg:

  • 47 percent of employees say their company’s healthcare program is one of the reasons they stay with the company.
  • 72 percent of employees want 401(k) matching.
  • 27 percent of employees feel that paid training and tuition reimbursement are very important to their overall job satisfaction.
  • 57 percent of employees say they’d be willing to accept a job with lower compensation but a better benefits package.

For a total compensation package that’s packed, wrapped, and ready for the best talent, be sure to offer the benefits employees want most. A complete HR solution like Namely makes offering the right benefits easy by combining expert brokers, technology, and the plans your employees actually want. It’s benefits made easy.


Wellness Works….

How Humana Wellness programs can reduce employee stress (and its related costs)

What is Wellness Works?
Wellness Works helps you stay informed about the latest and greatest in Humana Wellness. It will regularly share wellness-related outcomes, data points, testimonials, and thought leadership content in a convenient and efficient format.

In the spotlight
The focus of this Wellness Works is workplace stress and Work-Life Services. Employee stress is unavoidable, but when left unchecked, it can cost employers money with staff turnover and lost productivity. Keep reading to learn more about how Work-Life Services can help minimize these costs.

Did you know?

  • A survey of almost 7,000 U.S. workers showed 42% had quit a job due to stress.1
  • 51% of employees say they’re less productive at work because of stress.2
  • Evidence suggests that financial stress may directly affect employee health and well-being, thereby lowering worker productivity and increasing absenteeism.3
  • Humana Work-Life Services can help!

What is Humana Work-Life Services?
Work-Life Services is a program that helps employees and their household members with childcare, adult/elder care, and everyday needs. Employees call a Work-Life specialist, who can help them by providing research, guidance, and customized referrals. Specialists can locate:

  • Day care facilities, nannies, back-up childcare, schools, and other child-related service providers
  • Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home healthcare providers, community-based programs, and other adult care-related service providers
  • House repair services, pet walkers or pet day care, local youth development or community-based sports programs, gyms, party planners, and more

These service provider referrals are based on the caller’s stated preferences, such as location, price range, and schedules. For the employees who call, Work-Life is confidential, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is offered at no cost to them. Work-Life is usually combined with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for enhanced employee support.

Humana Wellness works!
With Work-Life Services, employers can experience an uptick in productivity. Using the program allows employees to save themselves time and stress, as well as refocus on their work while at the office.
According to self-reported surveys, employees consistently stated that, as a result of using Humana Work-Life Services, the following increased:

  • Their ability to handle the situation for which they sought assistance (Average score of 3.8 out of 5)
  • Their ability to be productive or accomplish things at work (3.9)
  • Their overall quality of life was better (3.6)4

Wellness is not just a solution for lowering the growth of healthcare costs; it is also a way for employers to avoid costs that stem from employees’ everyday concerns, issues, and sources of stress.

Feedback? We welcome your feedback on Wellness Works. Send your comments to:Humana Wellness Communications.

1 “42 Percent of Employees Have Changed Jobs Due To Stress,” Forbes, April 18, 2014.
2 “Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program Fact Sheet,” APA, 2010.
3 MetLife Global Financial Wellness Study 2011.
4 “HRI WL BOB Client Satisfaction Overview,” Jan–June 2014.